Our spacious dining room holds up to 32 people and is available for tea parties, birthday parties, fancy dress parties, graduation parties, Pimms parties, jubilee parties, bridal and baby showers... you name it! We'll be happy to work with you to create the ideal menu and setting for any special occasion.

British Bites is pleased to announce that we're now serving up a steal of a deal for Happy Hour.  Every Tuesday to Friday from 2.30 until 4.30 you can choose from:

a sweet plate - consisting of 4 bakery treats and a large pot of tea for $11.50

a savoury plate - consisting of 3 different savoury scones, 3 cheeses, Branston pickle, and a chilled bottle of mineral water for $11.75

or a sweet & savoury plate - made up of half a sandwich (cream cheese and cucumber or deviled egg and tomato) and a plain scone with jam and clotted cream and a small pot of tea all for just $8.75!

Perfect for when you've forgotten to eat lunch, but you don't quite think you'll make it until dinner!

All Happy Hour bakery offerings are subject to availability.